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Germany 75.5%Germany
United States 5.9%United States
Switzerland 2.7%Switzerland
United Kingdom 2.5%United Kingdom
Austria 2%Austria
Luxembourg 0.7%Luxembourg
France 0.7%France
Netherlands 0.6%Netherlands
Australia 0.6%Australia
Italy 0.5%Italy
South Africa 0.5%South Africa
Canada 0.4%Canada
Sweden 0.4%Sweden
Denmark 0.4%Denmark
Romania 0.4%Romania
Spain 0.4%Spain
Poland 0.3%Poland
Norway 0.3%Norway
Brazil 0.2%Brazil
Finland 0.2%Finland
European Union 0.2%European Union
Belgium 0.2%Belgium
Turkey 0.2%Turkey
Croatia 0.2%Croatia
Czech Republic 0.1%Czech Republic
New Zealand 0.1%New Zealand
Greece 0.1%Greece
Ireland 0.1%Ireland
Russian Federation 0.1%Russian Federation
Serbia 0%Serbia
Saudi Arabia 0%Saudi Arabia
India 0%India
Israel 0%Israel
Slovenia 0%Slovenia
Malta 0%Malta
Portugal 0%Portugal
Slovakia 0%Slovakia
Mexico 0%Mexico
Thailand 0%Thailand
Philippines 0%Philippines
Mauritius 0%Mauritius
Hungary 0%Hungary
Jersey 0%Jersey
Indonesia 0%Indonesia
Ukraine 0%Ukraine
Estonia 0%Estonia
Morocco 0%Morocco
Namibia 0%Namibia
Japan 0%Japan
Bulgaria 0%Bulgaria
Panama 0%Panama
Latvia 0%Latvia
Viet Nam 0%Viet Nam
Maldives 0%Maldives
United Republic Of Tanzania 0%United Republic Of Tanzania
Malaysia 0%Malaysia
Guatemala 0%Guatemala
Pakistan 0%Pakistan
Bosnia And Herzegovina 0%Bosnia And Herzegovina
Jamaica 0%Jamaica
Nigeria 0%Nigeria
Cyprus 0%Cyprus
Barbados 0%Barbados
Trinidad And Tobago 0%Trinidad And Tobago
Isle Of Man 0%Isle Of Man
Haiti 0%Haiti
Guyana 0%Guyana
Grenada 0%Grenada
Kazakhstan 0%Kazakhstan
Montenegro 0%Montenegro
Colombia 0%Colombia
Chile 0%Chile
Zimbabwe 0%Zimbabwe
Kuwait 0%Kuwait
Ecuador 0%Ecuador
China 0%China
Costa Rica 0%Costa Rica
Lithuania 0%Lithuania
Taiwan 0%Taiwan

Total: 36397