The rearing of my puppies 







Let's start with the preparations for the birth.

From about two weeks before the birth prevails in our absolute state of emergency !

The whelping box is set up in the living room and prepared for the approaching birth, the heat lamp placed, and all required accessories like eg plenty of towels, a smalldog box  with  hot  water bottle, 

baby scale,  neck ribbon made ​​so wide  grip.

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After the birth is over and the mom and her puppies are doing well, the Puppies protection boards mounted approximately 10 cm in height in the whelping box, they prevent that in the bustle of female

lying down as  one  of the puppies to come to harm.

However, this alone we never secure enough.

For this reason, and so we the puppies and the mother in the first time ( about two weeks, 24 hours a day ) under observation, we sleep in the mum and the Puppies in the living  room.

After the birth of the puppies they are first weighed and with different colored Tapes provided so that they are unique and continue each individually can be observed and  distinguished.

Among other things , I think the time of birth , birth weight, colors , badges, writing to have determined for each puppy accurate information and control options.

In the first three days after birth we weigh the puppies three times a day to see that each puppy is increasing well.

This is very important especially in the first few days , because in this initial period, the pups no reserves from which they could live off.

After these three days, we weigh only once a day.

I think this is also very important , if only to have the control about that really all puppies grow quickly and are all developing well.

The babies open one after another the eyes and ears and start to crawl.

They can see now though but nothing to crawl and sniff has been going quite well.

There is nothing better than to see rich, fully sucked , happy puppies to mums teat.

They are the following weeks to the best of my knowledge and belief and with much love embossed on their upcoming life.

Contact with all household noises are natural for us ( the noise the commonplace are not like eg thunderstorms, fireworks , etc. get them to listen to a CD ).

You see, boring it is not guaranteed , because the babies there are always enough to see and do.