Here you can find all the late News

from my Kennel


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Unbenannt 1 Wiede


   billionphotos 2142253    I wish my  D - litter happy birthday !      billionphotos 2142253



billionphotos 2142253     Happy Birthday to my B - litter     billionphotos 2142253



Our Heroes are Born

2 male and one female

Everyone is doing very well


male 1

1.1   1.2   1.3

male 2

2   2.1   2.2


Our female

huendin   3.1   3








Without words

Our Arnie went over the rainbow bridge today!

We will never forget you Opi







We have a new family member



Red White Pied Pretty Woman ( Kira )



I would like to thank Rene and Gunda Knittel for this great bitch.


So should be a Staffbull in my opinion!

Friendly to anything and everyone, to have fun for everyone.



Thank you Gunda, for these beautyful bitch :-)



5.Nationale Rassehunde - Ausstellung Karlsruhe

Judge : Herr R. Mielchen

BFHeroes Be Cool aka Snoopy



2.1   1.8   1.9


Axon´s litters



  9.1   10   10.1 

11   11.1    12.1


Unbenannt 2 




   I wish my A - Litter  

billionphotos 2142253       Axon, Artist, Anox und Ayk         billionphotos 2142253

       all the best to their 3rd birthday today.


Die Baby´s from Axon are born.

8     axon


1  2 


3  4 

5   6  7 



Our Axon expected puppies :-) 





Mother and her son 

   MC  Performance Dancing Queen           Black Forest Heroes Be Cool      

Unbenannt 12









On 10/26/2014 my Queeny has brought

a little princess to the world!

Mom and baby are doing well.






Pregnancy confirmed

C WurfHomepage




Current breeding

C - litter




B litter






Exhibition Landstuhl

Judge: Jürgen Nemitz

Snoopy has mastered his first show soverän.

SG 3

Rating :

snoopy   snoopy   snoopy

Furthermore, my husband Matthias has the silver badge of honor of the VDH get awarded.

Passing by Mr. Gregor von Dungen.

silver badge


And last but not least Beauty and Snoopy have passed the ZZP.

And I have my first breeding goal " to breed small dogs " achieved so far !

10 months old beauty has been measured at 36.5 cm and Snoopy with 37 cm !


Times on the side ...

This is an X-ray image of the front feet of Queeny


Meine Huendin


In both litters from me each one male was present , in which the central bone of the outer toe is not or grows properly.

For weeks and months I was always told again, that it also is a certain lady a certain Lord tell all and sundry, I breed with a gene defect , and you can see it even in the mother ( Queeny ) ...


Now, as can be seen , one can see nothing .....

Maybe you should make so many a times thought before there is a surprise in hindsight ...

It is simply unbelievable how so many something knowingly false spread to damage ...

Many a scholar would say you could also call it slander ...

Thank God I am not a scholar , otherwise I would know what that means ...

Oh recessive is, it must ! the matching counterpart to be present.

Ever thought it ?

I just want my peace and quiet , and no stupid chatter behind your back ...

Would that now indeed possible ? !






Snoopy at his first trial visit to Nürnberg.

Info stand-Staffie Be Cool, made its name all glory.

He calmly accepted the hustle and bustle and the vertebral

the visitors / inside his "person" toward.






    Geburtstag A wurf 


November 2013

All Heroes have found a new great home.

I wish all the new owners a lot of fun and success with their Heroes. 


Black Forest Heroes Axon at Goldstaff 


Quote Sandra Holme : 

Black Forest Heroes Axon Goldstaff have been on 9 puppyshows.

He reserved 5 x BOB , 2 x BOS , 2 x BIS and 1 x BIG 4

Thank you for this amazing dog Marion and Matthias

Big thank you to Sandra Holme we are very, very proud of you and Axon ! 




Black Forest Heroes Axob Goldstaff, best male pup and Best of Breed puppy today !

We are very proud of  " our little man ".





Happy Birthday : Our Queeny has 6 puppies born today. 

Unfortunately are us only 5 remained. 





Woohoo Axon 

Black Forest Heroes Axon at Goldstaff

Dogshow NTK - Ekeberg - Oslo

7 month old : Best male and BOB !  ( Best on breed puppy )


bfh axon





Please Cross Fingers

      Bfh B litter 


but´s charming ruffians anatol & mc performance dancing queen




quote Sandra Holme - Goldstaff


I´m so proud of this little Black Diamond !

His third show and behaves great !

Black Forest Heroes Axon Goldstaff received,

2 best male 4-6 month and BEST IN SHOW 4 today at Staffordshire Bull Terrier open Show.


 Big Congrats to our little man  and his owner Sandra Holme


Black Forest Heroes Axon Goldstaff was this weekend

on his first Show in Norway.

Saturday 27.04.2013

 Judge : Kenneth Edh

Critic : Four month, well proportioned head, good expression, correct ears,

 good neck and back, Excellent tail, angulation, bone and body.

 Moves with good drive. Great coat.

 Best male 4 - 6 month, second best male.



Sunday 28.04.2013

Judge : Philomenia Leonard

 Critic : Nice puppy with super temper. Good head, expression and bite.

 Nice front, good rib. Strong back. Moves well with strenght of age.

 Best male 4 - 6 month, best male and BOS !


We are very proud of our " little man ".



New mating for Mai 2013 online



All babys were handed to the hands of their new owners.

We wish all the new owners a lot of fun, 

and success with their Heroes.