My breeding target 






Without breed there is no breeding !


Without targeted breeding animals are simply increased !

Multiple breeding is not breeding !

In biology, controlled reproduction is designated as breeding with the aim of genetic transformation.

The desired properties are to be reinforced and undesired properties suppressed.

" Breeding is thinking in generations ! " ..... that means above all :

Breeding is not a short-term issue, but a long-term process that the breeder has to deal with.

As a breeder, I want to not only preserve the genetic potential of dogs, which has been created over many generations, but lead to the future.

At the beginning of a breed, however, is first a wish-presentation, an ideal, a goal that I must have as a breeder before my eyes.

In addition, you need a regular enthusiasm to pursue this goal continuously.

And a corresponding realism, with which one recognizes that one reaches the aimed ideal mostly only approximately or perhaps not at all.

Breeding also means recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of one's own dog and, if necessary, not taking a dog into the breed.

This is sometimes better than producing offspring full of flaws.

Breeding is for me to take responsibility, the planned mating well to think about and the proper rearing of the puppies.

I place great emphasis on the offspring of healthy and essential dogs with absolutely friendly nature.

Outstanding criterion is to put on the flaws and deficits of the breed all attention and try to exploit all genetic possibilities to the breed in terms of their health and functionality to improve.

Breeding is NOT called !

I have a sweet bitch who is supposed to have babies.

Less is more, because not every bitch MUST in the breed to promote their own ego.

It is by no means done to bring a bitch and a dog together and sell the puppies.

In order to breed successfully in the breed, I have no way to find a suitable breeding partner.

My responsibility does not end with the delivery of a puppy !!!

I as a breeder is morally obligated if there is a need to take back my bred dogs or bring them back, and do everything to find a new good place.

Marion Diecke