Why are VDH papers important ?






Papers / pedigree are the identification of a dog -

recorded are his pedigree, his race, his breeder, date of birth, his chip number, his stud book number and possibly its owner ( if one enters it ).

On the papers must also always the breeding association (eg GBF) and the umbrella organizations VDH / FCI be seen.

Only one dog with FCI - papers even after FCI guidelines or policies of the respective Bred dog breeding society, the rules specify the breed standard and the breed accurately and control.

Another point is, accepted the breed lists / Laws be tilted or you want to travel with your dog to Denmark, then you can without VDH / FCI recognized paper just does not prove that you own a 

purebred  Staffordshire Bull  Terrier  and the dog will be seized and slain without the mind may can do !

Dogs " with papers " are definitely worth your money, because you should be clear about be that the cost of a puppy is only a fraction of the cost, in the course a dogs life incurred !!

When a dog "without papers" you have no proof uf origin, race, health - if such animals maybe the price is lower than in a FCI - breeding, it does not mean that because a lot  cheaper  buys !


About Strike a veterinary costs, often in dogs from backyard breeder - breeding on a come, you come to a multiple !!

Many growers require little for their puppies because they would not sell anything else yes.

But they save on the holding conditions of their dogs and for the rearing of the pups in the Investigations of bitches ( dogs are often sick and or or not heritable diseases  examined )  and their females

are  usually much too  frequently covered !

* A misconception:

People, the propagators - Buy dogs, often say : " My dog ​​is from a hobby breeder, papers are not important to me ! "


also FCI breeders are hobby breeders - only breed according to strict guidelines for the welfare of the dogs and the breed !

Reputable dog breed is far more than just a mating of dogs of the same breed !

* A misconception:

" The price of a dog from a FCI - farming is primarily for the papers."



The price of a dog with papers is not the price for " the papers " but for :

* Cost of stud ( stud fee / Arrival / evt. Nights )

* Gestation the bitch (ultrasound / x-ray) veterinary costs in difficult births

* Premium food for mother and puppies

 * Deworming of puppies

* Veterinary Studies, chipped and vaccinated the puppies

* Throw acceptance by the breed warden

* Pedigrees of the breed association

* Cost of Ad - homepage, telephone costs

* Food for the first day the new owner

* Membership in the Breeders' Association (GBF, VDH, FCI)

* The review of the suitability of each breed breed dog

* Registration fee of Exhibitions / arrival, evt. Nights

  but also training seminars cost money and the breeder must remain affordable  for him.

Time, effort and love that you invest as a breeder in the puppy breeding, are in this Listing not included !

* A misconception:

People who buy dogs from Vermehrerzüchtern, this often buy out of pity.

They want to "save" the sweet little puppy ...



If you want to " save " a puppy from a dubious Vermehrerzucht, and buys, the immediately replaced by three, four new puppies and backyard breeder breeds is not so stopped  but  boosted.

They might help a dog, but always suffer more ...


* A misconception:

" Half-breeds are healthier and essentially fixed as of purebred dogs. "


Breeders, just as breeders of the breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier, use only healthy, mentally strong Breeding dogs that meet the standard and close ill,  notmentally strong from.

Thus inheritable diseases and evil beings are excluded and one obtains for  Generations the standard - health, beauty, and character strength of a dog breed.

When mongrels is mated with what you have and hits somewhere - indeed come out cute puppy, but health and nature are rather questionable.

Therefore, the statement: hybrids are better because yes good mix, now long obsolete !