What dog ordinances gives it in Germany ?






The current debate was sparked fighting dogs, as in an attack by two Pit Bulls in summer  2000, a child was killed in Hamburg. 

In the media, a fierce and often irrelevant debate on the subject was conducted.

In no time, all states enacted differently dog ​​regulations.

Together with them was that they were due to restrictions on the keeping of certain breeds should increase the safety of the population from attacks by dogs.

Designated as dangerous dogs were, as a rule, the races:


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier



were also often in a second list other breeds as specified:

Tosa Inu, Bullmastiff

Dogo Argentino

Dogue de Bordeaux

Fila Brasileiro

Mastin Espanol

Neapolitan Mastiff

Mastiff and more.

Partly as fantasy races like Bandog or Roman designated attack dog.

Exceptions were Thüringen, defined as dangerous dogs dogs that have proven by their behavior as dangerous and Nord Rhein - Westfalen, where, under the Regulation, all dogs were greater than 

40 cm or heavier than 20 kg were.

The following conditions have been adopted as a rule against owners of these dogs:

Demonstrating the reliability of the holder ( Lead Police Zung testimony ) Demonstration of capability of the holder, forced to wear a muzzle and leash for dogs in public,  Character test for dogs 

prohibit  access e.g. at  public festivals, in outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds Sterilization and castration of dogs Identification by tattoo or  microchip.

The character tests were not standardized.

In some provinces passed the character test led to the liberation of muzzled, but not in others.

A failed character test was the killing of the dog have the result.

In Nord Rhein-Westfalen, for example, also had a special interest in the attitude of the dog detected.

Many communities increased the tax on dogs for fighting dogs dramatically, partly due to the ten to twenty times the rate. 

The animal shelters are filled with hundreds of hard-to-place animals.

Consequence of the regulations was a plethora of complaints concerned dog owners and breeders, resulting in higher adminstrative courts, for example, of Schleswig - Holstein, Lower Sachsen and 

Sachsen - Anhalt to success.

The dog regulations were explained in part or wholly void, mainly on the grounds that such profound interference with the rights of citizens are not permitted by  regulation.

Some provinces subsequently put laws, others refrained, citing the already valid general emergency regulation.

On 21 April 2001, the Bundestag passed a "law to combat dangerous dogs", the import on the one hand, secondly, the breeding of dogs breeds Pit Bull Terrier,  American Staffordshire  Terrier,

Bull  Terriers  and their crosses  banned.

Against this law to set up a constitutional complaint filed by the Federal Constitutional Court 16 March was chosen 2004 th after that the import ban is not unconstitutional, however the breed ban

is contrary to the  Constitution,  since such a scheme is the states.

(Text of the judgment).