Duties of a dog owner in germany





Today, everything is not as simple and meet a lot of dog owners have responsibilities.

In addition to the general good manners towards other people and other dogs you have to look at it ! 

Some of the following points are mandatory in many states.

You need liability insurance for your dog.

It can always be sure your dog inflicts damage, you are never without insurance cold pay for in life ( eg. your dog runs front of a car, causing a major accident involving  personal  injury ).

You have to pay dog tax .

Your dog should be microchipped and must (compulsory for a dog breed) which is a allows clear identification of your dog.

Depending on different state:


Certificate of competence for the holder

Reporting requirements and or permit requirements 

Because now through the many different dog laws in the various States an absolute muddle has arisen and a uniform federal solution is not in Point of view, you should  definitely check with your local

clerk´s office, what you must meet.