Charactertest and negativ witness







What does the character test and what is a negative witness ?

The arrangement of a character tests by the Authority or the need within the approval procedure provides dog owners with the question of what effect a non may have passed  the character test.

It has to be cleaned up with the misconception that one in every province passed the character test could reverse or refute the finding of dangerousness.

Decisive are the state dog laws or regulations and how each of the is determined dangerousness of the dog and possibly refuted.

See also, the mutual recognitions of character tests in the State laws or regulations.

The danger of a dog is in most states established by the belonging to a specific breed of  dog or by a dog's behavior ( eg biting people or other dogs , so called " danger  threatening  Pounce " 

uncontrolled  tearing of game, etc. ).

After such behavior shall make the dangerous nature of the dog in the Rule by a decision firmly .

The membership of the dog to a "race list " is the danger by the Law or regulation suspected.