My puppies delivery conditions 







You saw a puppy on my photos that you like best ?

Now you want this puppy reservations and further details about us and our dogs learn.

How do you now face ?

The procedure is as follows:

If you are interested in a puppy from my breeding , please Contact  email 0496 1  me first.

I am happy to now be compatible with this first contact, an appointment with you, to get to know you on the spot and give you my entire breed, all dogs and puppies ( if available ) to show.

Of course, to learn from you as a puppy from you in the future live and would be held.

Here I decide only then, (Suitability for dog ownership, space, and of course,  sympathy plays a role, since we like to keep in contact want ) if I give a puppy to you or not.

I reserve the right to make a verbal agreement without giving any reasons withdraw.

Only when the puppies 3 - 5 weeks old, the tour is possible with me.

This is to protect our puppies from diseases or viruses.

Of course, a puppy is not a thing that you simply as the internet, e-mail or Phone emits.

Reservations are generally possible from the birth of the puppies with me.

Please understand that I am only a puppy and be binding upon you can reserve after also written reservation contract is concluded been.

Without writing and signed by both parties here to, is for me no binding obligation reserved a verbally or by e mail and give me the promised puppy.

A reservation will only allow you, even a puppy from to get my breeding.

All commitments until then are not binding.

I reserve for good reason a puppy without a written contract binding !

Likewise, I reserve a puppy after reservation / preliminary commitment not leave when I think that the future course or the prospective prove, for various reasons,  for a puppy to be unsuitable.

Although the important interpersonal relationship between the new owner and breeder is not given, which indeed often, as my experience is now shows, sometimes until it turns  the  direct on-site visit.

I myself choose the new owners for the welfare of my puppies !

Important !

I choose my breeding dogs from the best of our knowledge and belief and select conscientiously.

Nevertheless, I would like to mention that I am not God and not guarantee can that your puppy never gets sick and totally out of one or the other Disease is spared.

Sometimes hereditary diseases the great-great-great-grandparents can to light come that are not known a breeder.

Dogs are living beings and not machines.

A breeding in the test tube is not possible and therefore it is also always give puppy with one or other susceptibility and disease.

This should be the purchase of a puppy, no matter what race conscious.

I do my best, and grow to the best of its knowledge and belief, so that a get healthy puppies.

Typical race hereditary diseases are present, unfortunately, in all races.

No breeder in the world can guarantee you that he only healthy puppies has to give.

That is not possible and a lie.

I breed only , as far as I am aware, with healthy dogs vaccinated regularly be wormed and well fed.

My puppies are not cast in pure outside kennel !

I see myself in the obligation my puppies only in responsible hands leave so they will not eventually end up somewhere in the shelter and I from there must take they home.

We assist our future puppy owners with advice and act to the side , also and especially after the sale.

Of course we are also happy to assist with educational issues ( puppy school ) or the puppy on exhibitions ( ring training ) to prepare ,if this is the future Owner wants.

But please understand that I do not contact you every week  and ask you about the puppy / dog about his well-being , because then I would sometime have no more time for my family or other 

important things from me !

But that does not mean I do not care for my breeding dogs  !

You may contact me ( on whatever way ) in case of problems or questions and I will do my best to help you !

If I give my puppies to their new owners they are wormed at least 4 times, vaccinated and microchipped .

Each puppy gets a VDH Pedigree, his pet passport and a puppy package for the first days in his new home.

Thank you for your understanding

Marion Diecke