You want to have only once puppies ?!






You have a bitch ... a bitch so great that you would like to have ONLY 1 x puppies from her ?

But your bitch has no VDH papers, but you is not so important ... because she is still a wonderful, mad dog ... and so you absolutely want to have puppies once.

" The go but like hotcakes " you think !

" The suckling the mother, play sweet together and voila, are around 8 weeks and the buyers are lining up " ... you think ?

But do you know anything about the parents, grandparents and great grandparents of your bitch, because there is no record of when it is not VDH dog.

Perhaps the great-grandmother had brindle legs ?

Perhaps the great-grandfather had a massive tooth error ?

Perhaps the grandmother was timid and shy ?

Maybe Grandpa was very aggressive and snappy ?

Perhaps his father had HD (a heritable sick hip) ?

Perhaps the mother had an endogenous eye disease ?

Now you can cover your bitch of a dog, maybe wear whose ancestors also several disease genes.


( Because a VDH dog will not cover your dog, you have to take a VDH without papers. )

Can you imagine now what the puppies may have for diseases ?

Maybe get your bitch " only " 8 puppies and they are but ill !.

The do not take well to that maybe do not look like purebred dogs ... who are shy or blind or get no time !

Since you no one buys one of from! And if they do, then you constantly have people stand on the mat who complain, you will have paid the vet costs or even want to return the dog !

Then you sit on several puppies. 4 - want to eat 5 times a day that every 3 - 4 times daily poop, pee countless times, bark, play, romp, Broken biting everything ...

You have for space, time and the money for it ?

( It may also be that by chance these puppies are healthy - but you NEVER go out of it ! )

But what you believe, what does all this cost ?

Maybe there are complications, a cesarean section is necessary.

Maybe the bitch dies in childbirth, perhaps she gets an infection ?

Maybe the vet has to come every 2 days.

Maybe get the whole throwing an intestinal infection ?

Maybe everything is going well, but what if not ?

Even among experienced growers there ever complicated throws with caesarean section and immensely high vet costs.

A pregnant bitch needs special food, a litter box, they must be regularly vaccinated and dewormed.

A birth is not always pretty: blood, mucus, amniotic fluid.

The bitch took tons of effluent must be kept clean.

The whelping box must be large and high enough to be washable and sometimes you have to change every hour the ceiling.

There comes folding laundry like a big family. Some bitches are a little " stupid ," lie down on the puppy or step on it.

Since you constantly have to be there.

Some thick puppies pushing the little ones away, because you have to create the little ones at the best teat, so he is not left behind in development.

From the third week to eat puppy food itself.

It is a huge mess if the rummatschen with their paws in the baby food.

The puppies need to be wormed regularly and at least one x be vaccinated by your veterinary.

How far away live your vet ... he may come quickly in an emergency ?

When the puppies are 4 - 5 weeks old: yes then it's really gets going.

You need a lot of space, separated or enclosed, warm, dry and clean.

You have the puppies socialize, ie to all the noises and everyday objects used, otherwise they will always be shy and timid !

Raise puppies is so much work.

24 hours around the clock - and for at least 8 weeks !

Dare to it ?

 If you have the money for it ? Do you have time for this ?

You can not say that the ancestors of the puppies were healthy dogs, since you have no health evidence your puppy buyers.

What do you do if the prospects say,

" Nope ! So a propagatorsdog we do not want ! "

Sick puppies on hereditary diseases, you have to stand up for it - financially, of course !

You have to invest a lot of money and have a very high risk.

Should not bear the greatest responsibility, if one set living beings in the world (let) want ?

How would you feel if your litter of puppies would be very sick and the poor animals would her short life in pain ?

Look of your bitch in the face and think carefully about what you are going ... or you had !

Now look in the mirror and ask yourself, " Do I want to be for a lot MORE to DOGS Miserable responsible ?

And do not say, " But once in a lifetime puppy's good ! "

NO it is NOT ... this is a stuck in old wives' tales heads who do not think !

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Author unknown