Warning against of cheap puppies



ist es ihnen egal wenn die mama so lebt  puppie mum
Would you that the mother of your puppy so alive ?!?



I have long wondered whether I should to write something, yes it has always brought a slightly bitter aftertaste and perhaps the impression that you do not want to be stuck with the puppy or in 

this way only itself  somehow prices reputable breeding puppies justify.

I can assure you we have never had a problem to sell our puppies to good places .

On the contrary, most of our puppies are reserved before they were born.

It is me to express myself to the cheap puppies so-called a necessity , since the entire dog market to a more developed as questionable scene.

For laymen often are not available or difficult to detect rogue breeders, which the puppies at ridiculous prices squander.

The advertising market is flooded with puppies for 300 - 500 - Euro.

How can that be ?

Now, somewhere was saved, that's for sure .

Most of the breeding animals.

No examinations prior to breeding , no good Food , no worming, no socialization, kennels, sleeps during every heat, not a good veterinary.

Supply , sometimes life bitches under such bad conditions and not only outside Germany, the one to tears when you see what these animals have to go through.


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Usually no pedigree or papers , so you can not even say with certainty whether it is in fact the breed is that one thinks to buy.

Puppies are often not adequately vaccinated, were poorly fed and are their breeders themselves worth nothing.

They will not care what happens to a puppy after the sale.

Some provide " free " and operate far Germany, a lucrative business with the good dogs.

Dogs Discount prices will be mass-produced and sold cheaply , at the expense of the unfortunate dogs Mamas, which one litter after another have, until they die.

Here I speak not only of dogs from abroad.

There are just loving this cheap puppies from the " Breeding sites " within Germany !

These Blender pretend to be serious and the buyer deceive .

On price alone, you can already see that there must be a non reputable breeder.



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There are plenty of people for whom that's not matter.

You want a dog of a particular breed, and should be simple only one be - cheap.

In this case, all the circumstances which make a cheap puppy purchase at all possible, hidden skillfully.

We do not care.

The fact is that just such dogs are also quite fast deported back of their buyers when they annoying be .

Yes you have tasted nothing and the animal is not worth anything to them.

Just as the seller.

It is proven that expensive dogs have a better life and be loved more than cheap dogs and it is demonstrated that expensive dogs are better supplied.

And expensive dogs come from proven better circumstances.

The arguments from a breeder , a puppy get sick are also very naive.

Yes, of course every puppy and dog can get sick, too expensive puppies from the best breeding.

But that's not the point.

It's about how the parents of these puppies have to live .

These poor dogs who vegetate in some dirt holes in their own feces, only for someone to a cheap puppy comes.

In " free delivery " this is so. All alarm bells should ring when one reads such an offer in the relevant animal indicators.

Status symbols, as it is the Bulldogs are purchased for dumping price, regardless of the fate of breeding females , which would often be better off dead.

The demand for cheap dogs is great, the market is flooded and the only reason is for the dogs , a single Ordeal.

Anyone who buys a cheap dog is to blame for the misery of the breeding animals.

Everyone is looking for a cheap dog encourages the production of other puppies from these dens, otherwise you can this " Breeding sites " do not call namely mostly.

Now, how can I, as a puppy buyer in advance to recognize whether it is a dog from a reputable breeding or Puppy from a backyard breeder this is Hell.

This is not that difficult !


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1 The price Without wanting someone angreiffen here , in my opinion , a Bulldog puppy of less than 1000 - . € costs do not come from good breeding.

The bill would never rise.

To breed dogs to be able to supply all the year well over one needs money.

The money from selling puppies from reputable breeders runs anyway back to the breed.

In the best possible care for breeding dogs.

A breeder of his puppies for 400 - squandered euro can not guarantee this.

It also does not interest him.

He wants to earn money for his own needs and not to invest it in his dogs.

For a dog of good breeding , you should be willing 1000-1500 - . Paying €.

In particular breeds and colors and more . Puppies whose prices are far lower, can not be from a legitimate Kennel come.

If you can not pay or wants, then you should look around a Nothund from the animal shelter.

To have too little money for a purebred dog , does not justify the purchase of a cheap puppy.

It produces not right to promote this unspeakable suffering through such a purchase.

Dear give a poor animal from the Teirheim a new home, to promote as a further misery, would in such cases the only correct one.



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2 The kennel How do the breeding dogs ?

If the mother of the puppies on the ground ?

See the dogs look healthy ? Are they well fed ?

If they are socialized and friendly ?

How do the puppies live ?

In the house or in the kennel or somewhere in a shed ?

Have the puppies and breeding dogs papers , especially HD and ED evaluations , investigations, and ZTP ?

Is there pedigrees ?

Is there at least a picture of the father of the litter ?

If the dog " free house " delivered or the breeder takes the time for a good conversation ?

When grown under the supervision and control of a club ?

Is there a studbook ?

Are there any vaccination records ?

As the breeder responds to questions about the breeding dogs ?

Responding to questions on previous litters his brood bitch ?

Does he have a proficiency examination ?

Is it a hobby breeder ?

And if so what kind ?

Were simply times dogs bred because they are just that.

It's called like " loving cattery " is , however, nothing more than multiplication of the dogs not even examined were, have no pedigree and no papers.

Were they previously analyzed ?

Why the throw was made ?

And of course papers are important.


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It is the only proof that the puppies are also members of the breed , which is believed to buy.

The only evidence that has already been bred with the ancestors that they had corresponding investigations and these were the ancestors suitable for breeding.

Papers like for the buyer who does not want to breed not be of importance , but they are important to learn whether the puppy from a healthy breeding comes with good ancestors.

Steer clear of puppies whose parents and grandparents have had no pedigrees, these dogs were never on Hereditary diseases examined.

Just because the breeder wanted to save this precaution , he breeds yes undocumented and her puppy is nothing more than a propagators dog by irresponsible people who

like to pass themselves off as a hobby  breeder  and breed with dogs that a reputable breeder probably gave , because they are not suitable for breeding.

Honest and reputable hobby breeder , breeding with papers and breeding dogs go through the same regulations as a commercial breeder as well.

Honestly, in his heart knows the layman what the difference between breeders and sellers of  Cheap Puppies accounts.

That you just know !


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Anyone with a love of animals has a flair for good and not good.

That's why I 'm doing it very hard to give someone faith , who claims he was a " victim " of a dealer of become cheap dogs.

It will not be a victim when you advance notice and sees already in the prices that here are huge differences there.

Instead of relying on the supply of 400 - to look forward to Euro Puppy , you should ask " why "  only 400th - € ?


Where's the hoes ?

Exactly, there is a hitch here .

A massive !


Namely that with a purchase of such dogs cruelty support animal.

Point .

It would all the dogs come to good , if it were not for this flood of cheap dogs.

First, there were not so many dogs which then end up somewhere because they are no longer  desired, secondly, would the acceptable to reputable bred dogs and higher prices lead a better life, 

because, due to their  price are just too pampered and not deported and third, the poor dogs from shelters would find places if the money is not sufficient for a  pedigree dog.

So why not rethink and avoid the dogs sake of buying a cheap puppy ?

Why not prefer to make compromises and to give themselves to one and from the shelter a  loving place .

Why not rather spend more money for a dog from a reputable breeding ?

Only if the people are willing to make such thoughts before buying a puppy, the suffering, the can be propagators and cheap dogs reduced and prevented.

A rethinking must take place now and not at some point !

Also pity purchases promote the suffering of these dogs and can not be justified.

After each purchase pity move up 3 puppies. My sympathy for buyers of cheap puppies after then after a few Weeks died , has its limits.

These bargain hunters do not have it otherwise deserves.

I only feel sorry for the little puppy that had to die for the greed of the buyers and the greed of merchants to satisfy.